How To Deal With Different People In The Workplace and Further Your Career

Interesting book on emotional intelligence in the workplace by Yvette Bethel, “E.Q. Librium”. Bethel brings an excellent summary and overview of the current research on emotional intelligence and how it can be used as

12 Ways for Entrepreneurs to Understand Angel Investors Better

Entrepreneurs often seek funding from angel investors, and oftentimes, angel investors banter around terms that are ill-defined or confusing for entrepreneurs. It is simply expected that the entrepreneur knows what the investor means. 1.How

Finding Angel Funding in the East

The ARC Angel Fund is focused on early-stage start-ups located in New York, but will make investment in other areas of the Northeast and mid-Atlantic. They seek companies with an existing product and revenue.

Where to Find Angel Funding in the Midwest

The Angel Capital Group was founded in 2007 with locations in Kansas City, Denver, Nashville and Knoxville. The group invests in a wide range of industries. However, the Angel Capital Group does not make

Top 21 Angel Investor Groups in the West

Angel investors provide more business funding than do venture capital groups. Angel funding organizations in the west coast of the United States today are responsible for nearly a third of the total angel capitalist investments. The

Easy 6 Step Simple Competitive Analysis

You’ve got a new product or idea. Now, it’s time to do a competitive analysis. This type of exercise will show you where and how your product fits into the marketplace. Even doing a simple