If You had to Start a New Business Today, What Would You Do?

It’s the age old questions many new entrepreneurs have, “How do I start a new business? What should I do first?” Ponder these thoughts ….   Do you want just an income?   The

Start-up Sales and Marketing Humor

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The Reason Why Starting a Business By Copying Another Doesn’t Work

The most common new business strategy is one that doesn't often work, yet it is repeated over and over again. It always seems like a good idea, but here's why it isn't.

Using the Internet for New Product Pricing Strategies

Are you stumped when it comes to pricing your new products or services? The web can be the perfect tool for performing pricing experiments and discovering your new product pricing strategies.

Your Unhappy Customers Are Your Greatest Source of Learning

Do you have unhappy customers? Should you run away from them? Or should you call them up and talk to them? Which is better for your business?

Why People Will Buy Almost Anything

Customer behavior and why people buy is a fascinating subject. The reasons people purchase products or services is not always as obvious as business entrepreneurs would like to believe. So what is it that