Top 21 Angel Investor Groups in the West

Angel investors provide more business funding than do venture capital groups. Angel funding organizations in the west coast of the United States today are responsible for nearly a third of the total angel capitalist investments. The

Easy 6 Step Simple Competitive Analysis

You’ve got a new product or idea. Now, it’s time to do a competitive analysis. This type of exercise will show you where and how your product fits into the marketplace. Even doing a simple

The Connection Among Consumer Behavior, Psychology and Sales

An effective sales and marketing strategy relies upon a firm understanding of consumer behavior and consumer psychology. This is especially true in today’s marketplace, which has made the jump to internet where an entirely

Should You Quit Your Day Job for Your Start-up Business?

Many entrepreneurs don’t quit their day job when starting a business. They want to peace of mind of a guaranteed income, yet they dream of starting a new business – no risk versus risk.

The Difference between a Good Advertisement and a Bad One

We have all been exposed to thousands of advertisements. The good ads produce results, while the bad ones are a just wasted expense. This post reflects the concepts presented in the book, “The Wizard

Tips and Pitfalls of Developing a Sales Process

Nolan Bushnell is one of the most incredible businessmen in the world, and yet, most people have never heard of him. A big reason for that is because while pop-finance brains were writing a